A New Pro-HERO Ad Arrives, Not a Moment Too Soon, But a Few Moments Late

A new pro-HERO ad is blowing up the internets — and it's only three weeks too late! 

Produced by a group calling itself HOUTruth, the ad boldly and mysteriously proclaims the HERO fight is not over, and attacks Campaign for Houston Spokesman Jared Woodfill and pastors Kendall Baker and Ed Young, three of the loudest voices against the failed anti-discrimination ordinance.

The ad calls out Woodfill, an attorney, for defending a guy accused of secretly photographing women changing clothes in a bathroom.

"When Jared says 'no men in women's bathrooms,' what he means is, unless they hire him as their lawyer," the narrator says, leaving out the OH SNAP!, which is implied.

The ad also points out that Baker was fired from his position as the City of Houston's 311 director after a slew of sexual harassment allegations were leveled against him. Finally, the ad mentions the fact that a youth pastor at Second Baptist (and another church) was convicted of online solicitation of a minor and sexual assault of a minor. 

The spot closes on some strong words: "If the Campaign for Houston is so concerned with sexual predators, why are they working so hard to protect them? They are liars, they are hypocrites, and they cannot be trusted."

We're just a little confused as to why this spot was released this week. It probably wouldn't have changed the results, but it would have been a welcome rebuttal to that wretched Campaign for Houston ad with the little girl. 

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