A Non-HISD Teacher Gets Busted For Pot

Other school districts have sat around on their hands, helpless while HISD gets all the great pub that comes with a having a string of teachers and administrators get arrested for drugs.

Channelview represent!

DA Kenneth Magidson announced today that a Channelview teacher (and assistant football coach!) named Brandon Jennings, 30, was arrested for marijuana possession.

If there's a cliche about football coach/teachers not being that bright, Jennigns did his best to fulfill it, according to the DAs account.

"Harris County Sheriff's deputies said they were searching Wednesday for a robbery suspect in Jennings' neighborhood, when they noticed potted marijuana plants near his house on Fragrant Pine Lane," the statement said." They said Jennings allowed them to enter the residence, where more plants were found."

So a) You live on a street called "Fragrant Pine Lane," b) You have pot growing outside your house (hydroponics, dude!), and c) You let the cops in to discover the rest of your crop. Not to mention d) You're facing charges of tampering with evidence because you were caught trying to flush some of your stash down the toilet. (How does that work? Were you hoping the cops would be so distracted by your plants that you could run in and flush your baggie?)

Well done, sir.

Jennings faces state jail felonies and is free on bond. We hear HISD has some openings.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.