A Politician's Blog Actually Worth Reading

Every politician these days is doing The Twitter, or having some unpaid intern blog for them. It's great if you're looking for the latest in boilerplate rhetoric.

And then there's Texas State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer, a Democrat from San Antonio.

Check out his blog, Poli-Tex.

Here's a note to former secretary of state Phil Wilson, now a lobbyist who Fischer claims improperly threatened and intimidated a Lege colleague:

Hey guy, I am sure you already know this...you're not the Secretary of State anymore (Loosely translated: We don't have to be nice/courteous to you).

I am hearing that some of my colleagues are going to give you a "training day." You should note that it might be bi-partisan which probably means you're going to get rolled.

You see the membership may fight with each other all day and all night when it comes to the issues and our constituents- - but that's our job.

We really don't appreciate and take exception to any Lobbyist who threatens, intimidates or seeks to personalize controversy just because they disagree with the Member.

When this happens you will find that the Membership will come together to make an example out of you so as to deter history from repeating.

I think you drew the short straw so buckle your chin strap and get ready.

Me likes!

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