A Recap of Ken Paxton's Odd Fascination With LGBT-related Issues

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has only been in office for 20 months, yet has entangled Texans in several lawsuits and controversies related to LGBT issues. Here's a recap of some of the many, many fights he's picked.

Paxton Gets Behind Abbott on Gay Discrimination
With all deliberate speed, Governor Greg Abbott on June 26 told county clerks and other officials who can issue marriage licenses that it's OK not to issue licenses, as long as you say you have a "religious" objection. And now Attorney General Ken Paxton has issued an opinion supporting Abbott.

Texas Seeks to Allow Doctors Right to Refuse Treating Transgender Patients
The crusade against transgender rights in Texas — along with Attorney General Ken Paxton's race to break the record for most lawsuits filed against the federal government—is ripe and thriving.

For Texas AG Ken Paxton, Danger Lurks at Every Target Store
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is so worried about the safety of Texans inside Target department stores that he has decided to offer the corporation “assistance” with security resources. 

Texas Sues Feds for Telling Schools Not to Discriminate Against Transgender Kids
Surprise! Texas is suing the Obama administration. Again. And taking a firm stand against equality in public bathrooms. Again. 

Dan Patrick Unleashes Double-Decker Threat in Transgender Friendly Bathroom Battle
Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick announced he is requesting an opinion from his anti-transgender ally Attorney General Ken Paxton regarding Fort Worth ISD's non-discriminatory bathroom policy, and also gave a strong hint that if the district doesn't remove its policy, the Legislature would do that for it. 

Bonus: Here's a post by staff writer Dianna Wray on why Paxton's fixation on LGBT issues may merely serve as a distraction from his legal problems.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.