A Report from the Dynamo Media Match

We feel ya, kid.

If there is one thing to be said about defense, it’s that you need it. This was proven when my team went down 8-2 at the Dynamo Media Match yesterday.

Local television, radio and newspaper journalists, along with public relations representatives from Houston teams like the Texans, squared off at the Carl Lewis Track and Field at University of Houston.

First of all, it was damn hot. I know it’s Houston, but even our team’s coach – Dynamo player Patrick Ianni – commented on how he couldn’t believe anyone would play without getting paid in that heat. But back to the game – well, to be honest there wasn’t much of one. Our team kept with the spirit that soccer is usually a low-scoring game and the other team kept with the spirit that they could beat our team.

Things started off shaky when our defense was called for a handball inside the box during the first five minutes of the game – penalty shot. First point scored. After that, it was like a whirlwind of goals and I don’t really remember how each one was made. We scored two in the second half, but by then we already knew where we stood. Even Diesel, the Dynamo mascot, stepped into goal to try helping us out. No luck.

From a spectator’s standpoint, our defense was weak and the other team’s was solid. Our team barely had any shots on goal during the first half of the game and, as mentioned, their team had plenty of successful shots on goal. They had more of everything except, um, well let’s just call them “in-shape” players. -- Dusti Rhodes

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.