A Reprieve For What Counts As A Historic Houston Building

It's news!! A historic Houston building will not be torn down Yet, at least!!

Harris County Commissioners Court voted yesterday to belay the wrecking ball on the Hogan-AllnochDry Goods Building, which was likely to be torn down to make space for a Minute Maid Park parking garage.

Of course, this is Houston -- so when we say "historic," we mean not over 100 years old. The building in question generally is dated back to 1923, which means it's younger than Stan Lee.

The court voted to put off the sale for at least three months, in the hopes of finding someone who could pay a fair price and renovate it rather than wreck it. It's a second reprieve of sorts for the building.

County Judge Ed Emmett told the court: 

Obviously, we're not gonna let it go for some small percentage of what it's worth, because it is a downtown lot, and downtown lots are worth money to hold on to over time. But if we were to hold on to it and we have no potential use for the building, then it would make more sense for us to take the building down and just hold the lot. But if somebody else wants the building, then they now have another three months to come forward and make a proposal."

It's not much, but in Houston it's something.

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