German artist Mario Reis is happy to let the river do his work.

A River Runs Through It

Visit the opening of "Earthworks" this Saturday at Gallery Sonja Roesch for a look at three artists who use, you got it, the Earth to make their art. On view will be works by Mario Reis, Perla Krauze and Madeleine Dietz. German artist Reis submerges a blank canvas in a riverbed and walks away. Days, sometimes weeks later, he digs the canvas out and reveals what the river "painted." He has gone all over the world -- including Mexico (rich shades of brown) and the U.S. (some of his most colorful) -- making his river paintings. Mexican artist Krauze casts stones and then makes resin replicas of them, often in pale, almost translucent colors for her installation pieces (Kraus suspends the stones at various heights, making them seemingly float through the space). And German Dietz uses mud bricks, often stacked against raw steel, as her most frequent medium. --

Olivia Flores Alvarez

In a dark mood? Check out this week's Night and Day section for info on Dark Matter: Five Gothic Tales of Horror at Midtown Art Center and Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile at the Alley Theatre.

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