A Serious Question: Why Is Everyone Still Obsessed With the Texans?

Earlier this season, some dude paid a fan $200 for his Matt Schaub jersey in the parking lot at Reliant Stadium after a loss. He then took the jersey and burned it. I can only assume that most of the participants were drunk because, if they weren't, it would make me worry for Houstonians in general, and Texans fans specifically.

I listen to sports radio a lot, more than I should and more than pretty much anyone should. I like to claim it is to help me keep up with sports and sports media, something I cover a bit here on this blog. In truth, I enjoy it. But recently, the constant beating of the Texans drum is starting to make me crazy. I'm a flipper, so I listen to a wide range of shows and stations. They all are talking Texans ad nauseam. It's Case Keenum or the offensive line or the coaching staff or the secondary. I get that legitimate news like the release of Ed Reed warrants serious discussion, but Jesus Christ, are you serious, WHO WE SHOULD DRAFT IN APRIL?

The Texans are an unmitigated disaster. They have lost seven in a row and will not make the playoffs despite a lot of people saying they would be a contender. The season is kaput, down the tubes. Yet the obsession continues unabated, as if they were winning or even had a chance at the playoffs.

Having lived in Texas my entire life, I understand the love of football. I share it most of the time. But when a team is this terrible, there just aren't that many story lines. When I switch on the radio late in the day on a Sunday after a noon Texans game and they're still dissecting the game, my wife is fond of asking, "How can they still be talking about the game six hours later?" Imagine her dismay if she flipped on sports radio midday on a Wednesday and heard discussion about the same freaking game.

This also comes at a time when the Rockets are not only good, but compelling. Besides being an interesting team to watch, they are full of colorful personalities and there is no shortage of controversy: the point guard battle, whether Omer Asik will get traded, the twin towers experiment, the slow starts to games, the continuing struggle to be good defensively.

When it comes to sports talk, the Rockets have it all -- drama, intrigue, talent. Yet if one in 20 calls to sports radio is about the Rockets (and not during a post-game show, where I half expect many of the calls to be about the Texans just because), it would be a shocker.

I understand that fans have finally been beaten down by the horrific losing seasons of the Astros to give up that discussion. Even the CSN debate has gone on so long, most people won't care until something is resolved. But the Rockets are compelling, and imagine how Dynamo fans must feel.

I'm not advocating completely dismissing the Texans. There are still some good stories and reasons to talk about our pro football team. But to have the airwaves and the sports bars and message boards still clattering with the minutiae of every play and player is mind-numbing at best, infuriating at worst.

I always knew this was a football town. I just thought there was room for other sports as well. This season is proving me wrong.

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