A Shake-Up At BARC, For Better Or Worse

BARC went through some housecleaning yesterday -- in a big way.

In addition to the firing of veterinarian Eunice Ohashiegbula-Iwunze, other BARC personnel issues Wednesday included the resignation of Administrative Supervisor Dorian Strickland and a "disciplinary procedure in process" for vet tech Abiga Arredondo.

Ohashiegbula-Iwunze had recently been demoted from the chief veterinarian position. She was fined $500 by the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners in June for violating U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and Texas Veterinary Licensing Act requirements. Prior to working at BARC, she was a vet in private practice in New Jersey, where her license had been suspended in 2004 by that state's veterinary board for "gross incompetence" by accidentally administering lethal overdoses to dogs while she was under the influence of painkillers

Health and Human Services Spokeswoman Kathy Barton could not give details on Arredondo's situation, other than "He's a very long-term employee, so...you have to ensure that whatever action you take...with a civil service employee will be upheld by the Civil Service Commission."

Ohashiegbula-Iwunze also had civil service protection, but "the case on her...had been deemed compiled for some time," Barton said. (See update at end of item.)

We haven't yet been able to contact Strickland, who was popular among many BARC critics, but we'll let you know if and when we do.

Update: Barton just got back to us with a corrected statement that Dr. O did not have civil service protection, as she was an "executive level" employee.

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