A Vintage, Awesome Antidrug PSA from Houston Astros Mascot Orbit

A few days ago, while doing a Google search for vintage Astros stuff -- like one does -- I found 101 Astrodome Memories, a blog devoted to Dome anecdotes and Astros randomness.

Among other stories of trips to the Dome, I found a great antidrug PSA from Astros mascot Orbit, who came back this past off-season as the team's resident cheerleader to the delight of guys in their late 20s who used to be Astros Buddies.

Houston needed a seven-foot, 400-pound veteran space-baseball alien again.

Posted on the 101 Astrodome Memories site was this antidrug PSA from Orbit giving kids tips on refusing drugs and alcohol. Sort of like DARE, but for baseball. Keep in mind that DARE hardly worked and that most of the kids who read these tips from Orbit now can barely get through an inning of baseball without at least a beer themselves.

Oddly enough, Orbit cannot speak himself, and we were never told that he could possibly be telepathic and read human thought.

Here is Orbit's antidrug advice, or, as I like to call it, instructions on how to be a lame killjoy mama's boy who doesn't know how to live a little. What's more, Orbit looks like something you could see while on drugs. Which is a compliment.

Was this the birth of the modern Straight Edge movement in Houston?


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