A White-Supremacist Story To Warm The Cockles Of Your Heart (Assuming It's True)

It's the feel-good Klan story of the year (so far)!!

Forty years ago KPFT, the Pacifica station here in town, was famously bombed by a member of the Ku Klux Klan who, we guess, didn't like Pe-Te's Cajun Bandstand, or whatever the 1970 equivalent of it was.

This week, things were different, according to KPFT audio producer Tony Cox.

He tells Hair Balls that he was working the front desk Tuesday morning when a "big, assuming, tall and weathered" white guy in a duster came in holding a brick.

According to Bradley, he identified himself as a member of the Knights of the White Gladiola and said something to the effect of  "You know, in the old days we'd have just thrown this brick through your door, but we're here to give you this in honor of KPFT being on the air for 40 years -- a hundred dollar bill for each decade KPFT's been here."

He then walked out, without giving a name.

There's no Net mention of a group by that name, although the Knights of the White Camellia has been a Klan-related name throughout the years.

So we're not sure what to make of all this. Maybe the guy was a white supremacist, maybe he wasn't.

The money was real enough, wherever it came from, and the station was glad to get it.

General manager Duane Bradley "was extremely excited when I walked in with it," Cox said. "Maybe if one person can change, we all can."

Coming soon as a Hallmark Hall of Fame made-for-TV move: Hope Is A Brick.

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