A Wish List For Austin's Movie Memorabilia Sale

Austin Studios is having a

movie memorabilia sale

tomorrow and Saturday. From noon to 5 PM tomorrow and 8 AM - 2 PM Saturday at 1901 E. 51st Street (in Austin, duh), you can pick through all manner of props and cinematic leftovers.

Debbie Haber at the studio balked at providing a complete manifest of what's going to be up for grabs (though she did describe a prop treasure chest from Spy Kids and set pieces from The Faculty and Varsity Blues.

So one is left to wonder what other tantalizing bits of Texas movie detritus could be lurking just behind that Paul Walker stand-up? Assuming other directors besides Robert Rodriguez will be represented, here are a few things I'd be keen on procuring my own self:

1. A production still from this scene set in the secret Galveston training camp from Uncommon Valor You know, the one that looked suspiciously like Yosemite National Park? Bonus points if it has Waltrip grad Patrick Swayze in it:

2. Dorman's (Chuck Bush) copy of Herman Hesse's "Steppenwolf." For my money Fandango. is Kevin Costner's best movie not involving baseball or co-starring Sean Connery, and Dorman, the future minister, is a nice counterpoint to Sam Robards' hand-wringing and Judd Nelson's nostril flareage.

3. The Atari cartridge from Cloak & Dagger. Shot in San Antonio, the movie wants to tell the story of a young boy who creates a vivid fantasy life around a video game character who ends up substituting for his grieving father. In reality, it's a horrifying glimpse into the damage wrought by video games on the minds of our nation's youth. Jack Thompson is right, people.

4. Marilyn Burns' tanktop from The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Don't you judge me.

5. My dignity, lost in the 11th grade when my friend Bo and I abandoned our dates at the Schulman 6 theater in Bryan to go play Choplifter in the lobby while they watched The Gate. I don't have any media for this example, and a YouTube clip of me weeping wouldn't do justice to the gravity of this transgression, or the damage it did to my reputation with the fairer sex until, oh, about eight months ago.

-- Pete Vonder Haar

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.