A Wonderful New Pollution-Free Coal Plant In Fort Bend!! Well, Maybe

NRG Energy, a redundantly named company in New Jersey, has announced plans to build a wonderful new space-age "carbon-capture" system at their coal plant in Fort Bend County.

Well, they've announced plans to ask the federal government to pay for half the project, anyway.

The carbon-capture system reduces pollution tremendously, theoretically. And expensively. NRG has been searching around without success trying to get local governments to help with the cost of their test project, and the company won't say what kind of price tag the whole thing will end up with.

Tha carbon-capture idea became a craze among energy companies for a while -- visionaries touted it as another Apollo project, except one with long-lasting positive effects -- but the costs ended up daunting just about everyone who studied it.

NRG is a company that's heavily involved in coal plants, though, and no one likes coal plants too much: it's too easy to think "pollution" when you think of one.

So trying to do anything to get green is a sensible move. "This post-combustion carbon-capture project is another important step in NRG's efforts to reduce the carbon intensity of existing fossil fuel electricty production substantially," NRG president David Crane said in a release.

But you probably shouldn't expect anything to happen too soon.

And if it ever does, you (and that means you, Reliant customer) might want to hold on to your wallets.

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