Aaaand Here Comes The Rain

Parts of Houston got some decent rain yesterday, but today it looks like most everyone is going to get wet and be thankful about it.

Reports of big rain on the east side, including hail in the north, are in the Twittersphere. And downtown is dark and windy and looking east it's difficult to see how it will stay dry for long. The Heights is supposedly getting hit too. (There are reports of power going out in the east end, by the way.)

It's not expected to be a drought-breaker, but any rain at this point is worth being thankful for.

Roads and highways that get newly wet after a long dry spell can be treacherous, especially as they first get hit with the rain, so be careful out there.

Let us know if you're getting the wet stuff.

Rain's been a tease and a bust downtown and in Midtown, but there's this from KTRK. In the midst of a terrible tornado season, it ain't much, but it's about as dramatic as Houston's been for a while weatherwise.

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