Aaron Hernandez Associate Shot After Club Altercation (Again)

Alexander Bradley is one of a long (and seemingly ever-growing) list of Aaron Hernandez associates or family members whose lives have been either terminated or permanently scarred in the past year or so.

For Bradley, he luckily has managed to steer clear of the fatal outcome that befell Odin Lloyd, Tabitha Perry and Thaddeus Singleton. Of course, Bradley has not come away from his friendship with Hernandez unscathed. He filed a civil suit last summer alleging that he was shot in the face by Hernandez.

Well, there must be something about Bradley that makes him very shootable, because once again, he sustained a gunshot wound, this time at a club in Hartford, Connecticut.

Courtesy of Jenny Wilson of the Hartford Courant:

Alexander Bradley, an East Hartford native who formerly was a close friend of Hernandez, suffered gunshot wounds to the leg as a result of the shooting, which occurred at Vevo Lounge on Meadow Street.

Police arrived at the bar late Sunday and saw a car fleeing the scene. Hartford Police Lt. Brian Foley said that when police pulled the car over, a bleeding Bradley fell out. Bradley was taken to Hartford Hospital; he is expected to be released from the hospital Monday. Police said Bradley did not hit anyone when he fired shots.

If you're wondering why you've heard Bradley's name before, it's not just because Hernandez has used his face for target practice. They actually (allegedly) used to be hunting buddies! Well, sort of. They hunted people. Bradley is currently believed to have been with Hernandez the night of a double murder in the Boston area in June 2012, about a month before Hernandez signed a $40 million contract extension.

That case is currently under investigation and court documents have indicated that Hernandez is being investigated as the possible shooter in that murder as well as that of Odin Lloyd about a year later. Foley notified Boston police of the shooting in Hartford Sunday night, perhaps indicating that there may be some ties binding all of this together. For now, police have not identified the gunman who shot Bradley on Sunday night, nor have they made clear what caused the dispute to begin with.

In the past several months, Bradley has testified before a grand jury because of similarities between the murder of Odin Lloyd and the night that Hernandez allegedly shot Bradley in the face -- both incidents occurred late at night, after clubbing, and both victims were essentially discarded like yesterday's garbage. Bradley has also appeared before a Suffolk County grand jury to discuss the 2012 Boston double murders.

In short, Bradley has plenty of reasons to want to see Aaron Hernandez behind bars forever, and Aaron Hernandez has plenty of reasons to want to permanently shut Bradley up. Is Sunday's incident an indicator of Hernandez's reach outside prison walls? It's a fair question, and a question that may become more clear once the next Hernandez associate turns up dead or riddled with bullets.

Currently, the next incident is on pace to occur sometime in late March.

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