Aaron Hernandez Prison Fight Epilogue: Victim Was in Handcuffs

When last we left former New England Patriot tight end and alleged murderer Aaron Hernandez, he was busy beating the ever loving piss out of a fellow inmate in the Bristol County Jail on Tuesday afternoon.

The inmate in question had reportedly been relentlessly harassing Hernandez, which is the prison equivalent of wearing a suit made of ground chuck into a pen full of dobermans. Hernandez is a bad dude, we all know this. Predictably, it did not go well for said inmate once Hernandez was allowed out of his secluded confinement for a brief moment.

Well, now more information about the Tuesday beatdown has come to light, and it smells like the whole thing could have been a big set up.

According to TMZ.com (everything off the field in sports lately seems to be "according to TMZ.com"), the fight between Hernandez and the instigating inmate wasn't exactly conducted on even terms.

Apparently, the unnamed dude was still in his handcuffs while Hernandez was unfettered by any shackles, chains, or metallic constraints of any sort, which means that either this was an agreed-to match with the most lopsided WWE stipulation since CM Punk had to wrestle the entire Shield at the same time, or (more likely) Hernandez had some inside help in ensuring the two would conveniently "bump into each other" while Hernandez was not cuffed:

Our sources tell us ... Aaron was NOT wearing handcuffs when he was allowed to go for an isolated walk in a hallway at Bristol County Jail on Tuesday ... but the other inmate he encountered WAS in 'cuffs.

As we first reported, the other inmate had been talking smack to Hernandez ... and Aaron had been upset. When they got into the hallway, Aaron attacked ... and we're told he beat the crap out of the guy.

Our sources say ... since the victim's hands were restrained, he could barely defend himself from Aaron's assault, which we're told was brutal.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson has told other media outlets, the fight lasted less than a minute. Hodgson says he's investigating the situation to find out how the men got into the hallway at the same time.

After this facet of the story broke this afternoon and I brought it up on my afternoon radio show on SportsRadio 610, I actually had a handful of previously incarcerated people call the show (I love my formerly incarcerated listeners!) and they said they had no doubt that Hernandez was able to convince his guards (either through a built friendship, an offered financial incentive, or by taking advantage of some jock sniffing) to allow him to take his daily walk in the hallway at the same time as the inmate who was bugging him would be walking through cuffed.

The guards obliged, and within less than a minute, the Bristol County Jail had one more broken face.

(Side bar: The one sentence in TMZ's report that jumps out at me is "the fight lasted less than a minute." I think the word "fight" normally implies that there was an exchange of offense from each side. This altercation sounded pretty one sided. Also, "less than a minute" makes it sound like it didn't last all that long, but I'm guessing anything more than three seconds of being mercilessly pummeled by Aaron Hernandez has got to totally suck. A minute probably feels like a month.)

For his trouble, Hernandez will now be even more solitary than he was before, and required to wear a lot more hardware when he's not in his cell (from ESPN.com):

Aaron Hernandez has been punished for a physical altercation with another inmate by being relocated to a more isolated part of the Bristol County Jail where he must spend 23 hours a day and eat meals in his cell, according to a local report.

Hernandez was relocated to the more restricted unit for 30 days as a result of a "brief physical altercation," NECN.com reported Wednesday, citing the Bristol County Sheriff's Office in Massachusetts.

Hernandez must also wear waist chains and leg irons now when out of his cell. He had previously been allowed to be out of handcuffs at times.

The jail claims that the common area in which the altercation took place is only supposed to house one prisoner at a time, and they are reviewing the incident to see where the breakdown may have occurred.

Suggestion: They may want to start with the bank accounts of the assigned prison guards.

Also, let's hope that Aaron Hernandez doesn't call the warden "obtuse." That'll be another month in solitary.

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