Aaron Hernandez Wants to Change Prisons, Fears for His Safety

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Man, time flies. It's hard to believe that for almost a year now, Aaron Hernandez has been a ward of the government.

It seems like just yesterday that he was smashing his cell phone into a billion pieces, pacing around his house like a coked-up, caged lion, and then being escorted into the back of a police cruiser, arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd, and wearing only gym shorts, a white T-shirt, and the twenty gallons of ink on his body.

That was June 26, 2013. Here we are on June 23, 2014, and we just now finally have a trial date for one of the three murders for which Hernandez is on the hook.

The trial will begin on October 6.

Murder has indeed been in the air for the past week or two, with the 20th anniversary of the O.J. Simpson Bronco chase occurring this past Tuesday. It's hard to believe, after watching recaps of how the nation was simultaneously paralyzed and polarized by the entire Simpson saga, that we may be watching a former NFL player actually exceed Simpson and take it to the next level murder-wise.

After all, Hernandez has managed to get indicted for two more murders while sitting in his jail cell. Not even Simpson can claim that prolific feat of termination!

Along with the scheduling of a trial date comes this other piece of Hernandez news. Apparently, according to TMZ, Aaron Hernandez feels threatened inside the Bristol County jail, which means he now knows how the rest of society feels when they're around Aaron Hernandez.

Reportedly, it's not so much the other prisoners who are worrying Hernandez (he's already shown he can handle his business against them), but the staff of the jail:

Aaron Hernandez believes he's NOT SAFE inside Bristol County Jail ... claiming jail officers could be out to harm him ... and he's begging a judge to move him to another jail, STAT.

The former New England Patriots tight end just filed documents with the court asking to transfer to a jail located closer to Boston ... and his explanation for the request is very interesting.

In the docs, Hernandez notes that he's been accused of threatening to kill a corrections officer -- an allegation he denies -- but says he now fears possible retribution from jail staff at Bristol County.

The document indicates the following: "Surely, there is now reason to be seriously concerned about Hernandez's personal safety while housed at the Bristol County HOC and to question the ability of that facility's staff to treat Hernandez fairly and professionally while he is subject to their total control."

TMZ says that Hernandez adds, "This dynamic is simply untenable."

I refuse to believe that last sentence only because I'm fairly certain that Aaron Hernandez has never used the word "untenable" in his entire life.

Another name to get to know as this request is evaluated is Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson, whom Hernandez calls a media whore, claiming he has been "relentlessly exploiting [Hernandez] for 'self-promotion and virtually nonstop publicity of every imaginable kind.'"

For his part, Hodgson basically tells Hernandez to stick it:

[TMZ] spoke to Sheriff Hodgson who says Hernandez is full of crap -- "I have a staff that is very professional. They understand they're dealing with a high-profile person and go the extra mile to ensure his safety, and other inmates' safety."

Hodgson adds, "I'm VERY comfortable with how we've conducted ourselves."

Hopefully, for his sake, Hernandez was allowed to watch the hours of O.J. retrospective last week, perhaps providing some inspiration that if a jury is dumb enough, almost anybody can walk away from nearly any crime.

My only question is this -- if Hernandez transfers prisons, does he have to sit out one season of "outdoors time" football before he's eligible again?

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