Aaron Vaughn's Wedding Band: Navy SEAL Widow Asks Houston If You've Seen It

Kimberly Vaughn, a former Washington Redskins cheerleader who married a Navy SEAL who died in Afghanistan this summer, was visiting the Houston area this weekend before flying back home to DC.

Somewhere along the way, she lost her husband's wedding band, which he had given her t owear while he was deployed. She wore it on her thumb, and it wasn't until she was in the Charlotte, NC airport making a connection that she realized it was gone.

It could be in the Super 8 she stayed in in Deer Park, at Bush Intercontinental, in the rental car she drove or the planes she rode on, or anywhere.

She's started a Facebook campaign to find it.

It has her name engraved inside.

"No word on the ring ... yet," she updated people recently. "I'm still hopeful! For those who have asked, yes, I've rechecked the diaper bag and purse SEVERAL times as my father has too. I just continue to pray that perhaps a member of the cleaning crew has found it...or something!"

"It doesn't mean a lot to other people but it's quite a treasure to me," she told the Associated Press on Tuesday.

Her husband Aaron Vaughn, who she married in 2008, was one of 30 American troops killed ina helicopter crash in Afghanistan in August.

So keep your eyes peeled, Houston. The ring is somewhere.

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