Abandoned Baby's Blanket May Be Key To Finding TV-Obsessed Parents

Do you know anyone who loves TV so much they'd buy a baby blanket designed to look like a remote control? Would that person be the kind of person who'd leave their newborn infant on a doorstep?

Then Galveston County officials want to talk to you.

The 10-day old boy they're calling Nicholas was found just hours after his birth, and the mother might have some health issues that need addressing, officials said.

Not to mention the issues that would drive someone to abandon the darlin' little baby boy pictured above.

Officials held a press conference today to discuss the baby boy left on a Dickinson doorstop.

Nicholas is in good condition now, weighing in at seven pounds, nine ounces. He's improved rapidly from his discovery, where he was sufferering from the cold weather.

"We're still worried about his mother, but we're equally concerned about him. He's gonna make someone a wonderful little Christmas present, and he kind of already has to us," Ray Tuttoilmondo of the Galveston County Sheriff's Office said.

Nicholas will be placed in a foster home next week.

Anyone with information should phone 877-904-SAVE.

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