Abbott Leads Davis in Early Governors Race Poll

Wendy Davis hasn't even announced she's running yet (that will come tomorrow), but she is already lagging behind GOP candidate Greg Abbott by 8 points according to a Texas Lyceum poll reported in the Houston Chronicle. The feisty, filibustering Davis trails 21 percent to Abbot's 29 percent in the poll of 800 registered Texas voters. A whopping 50 percent still are unsure, not surprising since neither candidate has done much in the way of campaigning yet.

Davis leads among African Americans and Hispanics and is, interestingly, in a statistical tie among women (Abbot actually led by 2 percentage points, but that is within the poll's 3-plus percentage point margin of error). Abbot leads among Republican primary voters with 22 percent, but 69 percent of respondents said they have not formed an opinion of the GOP candidates.

Davis was catapulted into the spotlight when she filibustered to prevent the passage of anti-abortion legislation during a special session called by Governor Rick Perry. The legislation eventually passed in a subsequent special session, but Davis and her pink tennis shoes grabbed national media attention.

Most political analysts believe Davis is a long shot to win the spot being vacated by Perry. She's a relative political unknown and this is still a state run by Republicans. But, with a dramatic rise in the number of minorities in Texas, the demographics are beginning to change and not in favor of the GOP.

Whatever happens, it will no doubt be an entertaining race.

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