Gov. Abbott Tells Dallas Radio Station He's Opening Up the State the First Week in May

Governor Abbott gets ready to issue new orders.
Governor Abbott gets ready to issue new orders. Photo by Jack Gorman

Well to the cheers of those in the state who want Texas businesses open right now despite any fears about the spread of the coronavirus, Gov. Greg Abbott has told Dallas radio station WBAP that he's going to issue a new ruling that does just that.

"This is going to be happening the first couple of days in May where you're going to be able to go back and go dining under safe standards, you're going to be able to get a haircut, you're going to be able to go to a hair salon. You're going to be able to start doing some things that people that people have been long wanting to do. But we're going to make sure that there are safe standards in place so you're able to do that without spreading the coronavirus," Abbott said during a Wednesday morning show on the station.

Abbott said there may be different rules for counties dependent upon where the outbreaks are occurring. "Some of the larger, more active counties may have to go a little bit slower."

"We're going to make an announcement either this Friday or next Monday setting a date beginning a week after that," Abbott said. 

The stay at home order expires at the end of April. The openings will include churches, expanded health care, salons and restaurants.

As he has stated earlier, Abbott said his new order to open up must be followed even if local officials have entered orders that conflict with his. 
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