ABC's World News Tonight To Examine Just How Great Houston Is

ABC's World News Tonight, their anchor network-news show, will be originating from Houston next week, in part to examine why we seem to have escaped (so far) the crunchiest part of the economic crunch.

Charlie Gibson is taking the show around the country to assess how the recession is affecting different areas. We're, apparently, on the "not so bad" side of the ledger.

"Houston...has been relatively well-insulated from the economic downturn gripping so much of the U.S.," the network said. "Gibson will look at why the city and Texas overall has been one of the last regions to feel the painful effects of the recession, with many people actually flocking to the state in search of job opportunities."

Why? Because we work for our money here and don't depend on the gummint teat, gawddammit.

Or, just maybe, we made such a killing with four-dollar gas (Coming again soon!!) that we can burn benjamins while you suckahs in Ypsilanti collect unemployment.

The shows are scheduled for March 23 and 24. So walk the streets downtown as much as you can, in hopes of being a Man on the Street.

Be sure to tell `em to get the feds out of the way and just let drillers do their job.

It's what's expected of you, after all.

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