I can haz felony on my record?

Acid Bombs: Sure, Set Them Off Next Door To A Cop's House. And Throw One In His Yard For Good Measure

There's a certain lack of common sense inherent in building homemade acid bombs, but it's the type of lack that can be common in males in their teens and early 20s.

There's a very special lack of common sense, however, in building such a bomb and setting it off in your backyard when you live next door to a police officer.

Three men, in their teens and 20s, have been accused of doing just that in Baytown, according to the Harris County Fire Marshal's office.

And although the office calls them "pranksters," the consequences could be severe, HCFM deputy chief Ceil Callihan tells Hair Balls.

The homemade bombs are considered IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) and the use of them is a felony charge that carries up to 10 years in prison as a punishment.

The popularity of the bombs on the internet -- both in terms of how to build them and YouTube videos documenting their use -- can lead people to assume playing with them is no big deal.

It is.

"I hate to mess a kid's life up for something they may not know about -- beyond the actual damage these things can cause, it is a felony and you will be charged with it, and that can have a great effect on you," he said.

Then again, these alleged perpetrators -- whose names have not been released -- were not exactly otherwise smart guys who just made an innocent mistake. HCFM says they not only set off two devices on the backyard of the guy who lived next to a cop, they threw another into the backyard of the cop.

That third device didn't go off and had to be disposed of by the Baytown PD bomb squad.

Two of the men are in custody and a third remains at large.

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