ACLU Wants Answers in DPS Shooting of Unarmed Men From a Helicopter During Chase

The ACLU of Texas wants state officials to investigate a Department of Public Safety sharpshooter's killing of two unarmed men during an intense chase Thursday in the Rio Grande Valley.

The DPS agent was in a helicopter that was pursuing a pickup truck occupied by suspected illegal immigrants. Three other occupants were injured, according to reports.

"If initial reports are accurate," ACLU of Texas Executive Director Terri Burke stated in a press release, "the DPS has [started] executing persons who they merely suspect of the civil offense of unlawful entry into the united states."

Burke also wants to find out why a state game warden -- who apparently requested DPS back-up -- was involved in the first place.

"Why is a state game warden involved in enforcement of federal immigration law?" Burke said in the release. "Why is a game warden in dangerous high speed pursuit of people who were suspected of nothing more than a civil offense? And where's the 'public safety' when a trooper in a helicopter opens fire on unarmed persons in a vehicle on a public road?"

DPS Spokeswoman Katherine Cesinger confirmed the shootings Thursday but had no details on the incident. Another DPS spokesperson told us they're going to have an updated statement today, and we'll post it as soon as it arrives.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.