ACORN And Tea Partiers: The Hilarious Voter-Fraud Fight Goes On

We have stayed away from the ongoing battle over voting-fraud allegations in Harris County because it reminds us of that quote about college-faculty infighting: "Academic infighting is so vicious because the stakes are so low."

But bring comic sans into the conversation, and an absolutely hilarious over-the-top video, and we're there.

For those who don't know, Republicans and tea partiers have alleged that the Evil ACORN Empire manufactured a massive voting fraud campaign in 2008 and plan to do so again unless voters wake up and save America, etc., etc.

It's kind of like Diebold voting machine fraud, except on a very low-tech level.

Lame-duck Republican Tax Assessor Collector Leo Vasquez is throwing fuel on the fire on his way out the door, and Democrats have been crying foul.

The latest is Anthony Gutierrez of the Texas Democratic Party. He sent out a release about the Tea Party-ish group True the Vote's video about the controversy, and notes that one of the alleged fraud artists (she's black, of course) is seen at a demonstration holding up a sign that says "I only  Got to Vote Once!"

But a-ha!!

"The poster being held by the woman in front has amazingly been 'written' in perfect Comic Sans MS font," says Gutierrez, who then did some comic sans-ing of his own. "Below the photo I rewrote the words using the same font, as you can see from comparing individual strokes of the letters, it's a perfect match and has obviously been photoshopped."

Anyway, all this led us to the hilarious video below, which features Spielberg-ian music as brave members of True the Vote talk more in sorrow than anger about the huge, multi-pronged invasion of our country by ACORN. Enjoy.

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