Actual Winter Weather Possible Overnight Thursday

I've lived in Houston the vast majority of my life and have never lived in a northern climate. I prefer the balmy breezes of the Gulf to wind chill factors below zero, which literally make no sense to me. But, every once in a while, it's not a terrible thing to see a little wintry weather around here. It's rare, mind you, but it does happen.

This Thursday night could see some freezing rain, sleet and even (dare I say it?) snow, as a blast of Arctic air pushes south into Texas. Through the evening Thursday and into Friday morning as temperatures drop into the upper 20s, there will still be quite a bit of moisture in the air. As a result some of the precipitation that is bound to fall might not fall in the form of rain.

Depending upon how long the freezing temperatures last, parts of the state will likely be put under a winter storm warning. It is unlikely we in the immediate Houston area will see problems with icy bridges and the like, but areas to the north and west of the city could making for a nasty rush hour.

Temperatures will get well above freezing on Friday and rebound significantly over the weekend -- you could be wearing shorts by Sunday afternoon -- but it will be very cold Thursday night and, if we're lucky, we might get a little snow to gawk at. After all, in Houston, it may as well be canned hams dropping out of the sky.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.


Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.