Adopt Yourself A Cat This Weekend

Adopt Yourself A Cat This Weekend

If you're in the market for cute, cuddly cats and kittens, then you're in luck: No Kill Houston and Frisky Paws Rescue are organizing an adoption drive Friday-Sunday, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., at 11173 Westheimer. (It's in the Whole Foods shopping center, by the Houston Cat Hospital).

"No Kill Houston organized this event because cats at [the Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care] have very few offsite adoption opportunities and very few cats are being adopted at BARC," No Kill Houston President Bett Sundermeyer stated in a press release.

Other rescue groups will participate as well, and they'll include as many "90 day" BARC cats -- those that are close to the end of the line -- as possible. So basically, if you don't adopt a 90-day cat, it will most likely be euthanized, and you'll be a total cat-killer. Just sayin'.

All the cats are spayed/neutered and have been vaccinated. Some of the groups will adopt out two cats for the price of one, and donations to help cover the cost of renting the space are mucho appreciated. Check out for more details.


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