Adventures in DUI: Jacksonville Jags WR Justin Blackmon (w/ Mugshot!)

While the new NFL collective bargaining agreement has brought rookie salaries, particularly first-round rookie salaries, more in line with their true value, there is no denying that NFL teams are still investing significant chunks of change in a bunch of unproven commodities. Along those lines, it's no wonder that the league goes to painstaking efforts to try (stress the word try) and educate (via their annual rookie symposium) its newest employees on the potential pitfalls of the real world and how to mitigate the risk at which they put themselves and their employer.

But alas, sometimes students fall asleep in class and, therefore, they remain unaware that driving around with a blood alcohol content triple the legal limit is a bad thing.

To that end, I give you Jacksonville Jaguar rookie wide receiver (and fifth overall pick in the NFL draft) Justin Blackmon.

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STILLWATER, Oklahoma - Former Oklahoma State wide receiver Justin Blackmon was booked into Payne County Jail Sunday morning on a complaint of aggravated DUI. It's the second DUI arrest for Blackmon, who was the number 5 draft pick in the 2012 NFL Draft.

A Stillwater police officer pulled Blackmon over at 3:01 a.m. June 3 for going 60 in a 30 mph zone and driving left of center. It took Blackmon four blocks to stop his white Chevy Tahoe at a gas station parking lot at the intersection of McElroy and Perkins Roads, according to a release from the Stillwater Police Department.

Apparently, "aggravated" driving under the influence means a blood alcohol content above .15, and since a Breathalyzer test measured Blackmon's BAC at .24, it's fair to categorize this as "REALLY aggravated DUI." Like "SUPER pissed-off DUI."

If there's a silver lining in this arrest, there are really two -- one, Blackmon was alone in the SUV, so he theoretically wasn't putting anybody else in his own car at risk of being a casualty in an insanely stupid accident.

And two, the always fun DUI mugshot.

My favorite part about Blackmon's mugshot is that apparently instead of telling Blackmon to "Say cheese!" they decided to remind him that Blaine Gabbert is his quarterback. Dude looks very pissed.

Blackmon needs to take a page out of Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley's book -- if you're going to get a DUI, then why not sit back and enjoy it?

Blackmon was a two-time Biletnikoff Award winner, amassing 1,782 yards and a national-best 20 TDs on 111 receptions in his sophomore season, and his junior season was more of the same, finishing with 122 receptions for 1,522 yards and 18 TDs.

He's beginning to amass DUI arrests with similar proficiency. Not good.

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