Thanks to FEMA's new flood maps, you can move from that neighborhood that flooded to a new neighborhood that, um, will probably flood.

Adventures in Flood Insurance

Leave it to the foresighted, hyperaware folks at FEMA to release their final flood plain maps of Harris County on such a perfectly overcast, drizzly day. In the biz, that's called "strategic planning."

These new maps show areas of the highest risk of flooding caused by streams and tidal surge. 'Course, if you actually try to look at them, you'll see that it can flood just about anywhere in Houston. A helpful hint from the new report:

If your home is located below the base flood elevation you are more likely to flood than have your home burglarized or your car stolen.

Car stolen? Clearly, these folks have clearly never lived in the Montrose.

Anyhoo, the big news is that while FEMA has released new flooding maps, and folks have six months to be grandfathered under current flood insurance before rates skyrocket. But the fact of the matter is that apparently, everyone needs flood insurance as apparently, you don't have to live near the mapped flood zone to flood. Got it?

Ah, FEMA. We knew things would make sense as soon as that Mike Brown guy bailed. — Steven Devadanam

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