Adventures In Vine: Notre Dame Recruit Flushes Nick Saban Down The Toilet

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For the second time in 24 hours, college football recruiting, Notre Dame football, and social media have met at an unique nexus that shines as much of a light on the virtual lack of barriers in communication in 2013 as it does on the principals themselves.

Meet Elijah Hood.

He is a five star running back recruit in the Class of 2014. He lives in Charlotte, plays at Charlotte Catholic, is entering his senior year, and has committed to play football at the University of Notre Dame once his high school days are through.

Take a look at his skills:

Pretty good player, right? Of course, he is. That's why virtually every school in the country was after him, and, let's be honest, is probably still after him.

That's the way of the world in recruiting. Oftentimes and sadly so, with big time football players, the recruiting process doesn't really get underway until they verbally commit to a school. It's almost as if the verbal commitment, especially one so early in the process like Hood's, clarifies precisely who the leader and main competition is for a player, so the gaggle of runner-ups can hone their scope.

(Total aside here, but recruiting is a very messed up process. The verbal commitment of a player to a school before national signing is entirely too loose and breakable, so the schools and the NCAA make up for it on the back end by making the National Letter of Intent the most one sided contract in all of legal documentation. There's no in between, no give and take. The players have schools 100 percent by the balls, until they sign, and then the schools own them and their likeness. Ok, rant over.)

So other schools will continue to come after Hood in an effort to convince him that life at Notre Dame will be too difficult academically and that South Bend is where they filmed all the Hoth scenes in The Empire Strikes Back and on and on...

However, I'm guessing that Alabama will not be one of those schools.

That's because yesterday, Hood decided to take to Vine (a social media app which is rapidly becoming snarky bloggers' best friend, given how many athletes and celebrities are handling it about as delicately as a four year old handling a B.B. gun) to notify Alabama head coach Nick Saban in no uncertain terms that his recruitment was one battle in which Notre Dame would actually defeat Alabama.

And he did it in a rather unique fashion:

(NOTE: Hood has already taken the Vine down, but thankfully someone ripped it and put it up on YouTube, proving once again the most futile function of any branch of social media is the "DELETE" button.)

Ok, let's quickly get it out of our system, old guard. Say it...

(Cue a southern accent if you want the full effect) Well, that's the most disrespectful thing...I can't believe that that kid would do that....back in MY DAY....blah blah blah....

Ok, are y'all good?

Now, brass tacks...

Hood is doing something that most SEC fans, and most college football fans in general would love to do -- metaphorically flushing Nick Saban down the toilet (if for no other reason than if he were flushed down the toilet, he would stop kicking everyone's ass). Seriously, if you go to Hood's @ mentions on his Twitter account, it's running roughly 75/25 with people propping him up in the lead, amazing in this day and age...

Granted, Hood has probably put himself firmly in the crosshairs of a gangland style hit in the next two days by putting the video out there, but still, it's kind of funny and more than a little creative, and the last thing we should do is stifle creativity in our youth, for God's sakes!!

As I mentioned, the reaction to Hood came in quickly from Alabama fans...

Hood tried to play it off, but to no avail....

And then someone got to him. Ostensibly, it was his high school coach...

...but I'm fairly certain that the ultra puckered backside of the football wing of the Notre Dame sports information department (not to mention head coach Brian Kelly) probably got in Hood's ear and said "Um, you do realize that Nick Saban might have nuclear weapons, right?"

Here was Hood's apology...

...and here was his plea to the five offensive linemen in Notre Dame's class of 2014 for protection, protection from the thundering wrath of Nick Saban which apparently Hood feels (and probably rightfully so) extends well beyond the bleachers of Bryant-Denny Stadium on fall Saturdays....

Fortunately for Hood, Brian Kelly and his staff have assembled the best offensive line class in the country to come in with him.

Now, Notre Dame's biggest problem in Hood's recruitment is probably Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn, because I would imagine Hood's Vine video has made him the most popular high school player at Auburn. Malzahn needs to capitalize, a five star recruit hangs in the balance!

Hopefully for Notre Dame, if Auburn gets to Hood, he will holler "WAR TOILET" while flushing a picture of Cam Newton down the drain.


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