Adventures In YouTube: "Changed" Aaron Hernandez On The Day He Signed His Contract Extension In 2012

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Last Tuesday, on the morning of June 18, less than 48 hours after the state of Massachusetts (and anyone with half a brain) contends that Aaron Hernandez murdered Odin Lloyd, Hernandez tweeted this:

I don't know if Hernandez was being flippant, given that the walls of justice were about to begin closing in shortly thereafter, or if he was truly wishing his 180,000 Twitter followers a good morning, but this much I knew -- Aaron Hernandez has an amazing capacity to compartmentalize, to live in a duality where IF in one life he catches passes for the New England Patriots and says all the right things, and in the other life he kills people in cold blood for briefly engaging the wrong person in casual banter.

Last Tuesday's tweet is not the only evidence of this mindset that Hernandez's digital fingerprint has left behind.

Last August, New England extended Hernandez's contract into 2018, giving him a $12.5 million signing bonus and a guarantee of over $16 million.

Hernandez was understandably excited about the deal, as it seemingly guaranteed his family generational wealth that probably seemed impossible when he was toiling for Bristol Central High School in 2006.

Here's video of Hernandez that afternoon:

In case you need a transcript of those 25 glorious seconds, here you go:

"This is a place that not only did it change my future from them paying me, but it changed me as a person because you can't come here and act reckless and do your own stuff, and I was one of the persons that I came here and acted the way I wanted to act, but you get changed by Bill Belichick's way, and you get changed by the Patriot Way, and now that I'm a Patriot I've started living like one and making right decisions by them."

Think about the news we've gotten this week, and let that quote (one long run-on sentence) sink in for a little bit.

I mean, we are talking about a guy that was pinched for murder this week. Aaron Hernandez was brought into jail for killing another person. Not just that, but now comes word that he is being investigated for his possible role in a double murder in July 2012, to the extent that Adam Schefter of ESPN reported on Thursday that a red SUV that was seen the night of the double murder near the crime scene had been rented by Hernandez.

Uh oh!

So what does this all mean? Well let's look at the possible timeline IF Hernandez winds up being convicted of all of these crimes:

July 16, 2012: Double murder of Safiro Furtado and Daniel Abreu, possibly by Aaron Hernandez.

August 27, 2012: Hernandez signs $41 million contract extension and talked about how he has bought into the Patriot Way, and he makes all the right decisions now.

June 16, 2013: Odin Lloyd is murdered, allegedly by Aaron Hernandez.

June 18, 2013: Aaren Hernandez tweets "good morning."

The line items above in bold involve the alleged murder of at least one human being by Hernandez. So that whole pile of bullshit about being changed as a person and making the right decisions...notice that actually occurred in between the alleged double murder of Furtado and Abreu and the alleged single murder of Lloyd. If Hernandez indeed committed the double murder in July 2012, that means he stood in front of the media five weeks after killing a couple guys, regaled them with stories of being a changed man, and then happily cashed a multimillion dollar signing bonus.

That, folks, is compartmentalization. It's also the mindset of a serial killer who has no concept of getting caught, of right, of wrong.

What does it all mean? It all means that, if this is true, to Aaron Hernandez, there is no value placed on human life. None. Zero.

June is just the beginning of hunting season, that's all.

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