AG Declares Revolutionary Gas-Saving Device Not So Revolutionary

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has bravely defended Texans from being....incredibly, incredibly stupid?

Abbott announced today that his office has obtained a temporary restraining order shutting down a business called Media Dime Marketing. MDM sold something called the "MPG Device," which promised to increase fuel efficiency.

Advertising mostly in Spanish-language media, the company made some pretty bold claims:

The defendants' advertisements assured customers that the product, which is essentially a small magnetic clip encased in soft foam and fastened to an under-the-hood fuel line, is scientifically proven to increase fuel efficiency and therefore save customers money. They claimed a "magnetic resonance" process occurred while gasoline flowed through the fuel lines past the magnetic field, purportedly "making the gasoline more efficient."

It's the soft foam that makes the difference!!

The device cost $169, although -- believe it or not!! -- there was a special offer and you could buy two for $229.

And that's not all!!

"The defendants also falsely claim that the MPG Device was installed on all 2007 and 2008 Kia Spectra and Ford Focus vehicles," the AGs office said.

If it's good enough for a Kia and a Ford Focus, by God......

The AGs office is seeking damages for violating the Deceptive Trade Practices Act.

Our sister paper the Dallas Observer did an in-depth look at the company; here it is.

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