Aggie Conservatives Denounce Gay Seminar With Single Greatest Quote in 21st-Century Higher Education

Conservative groups at Texas A&M are shocked if not outraged if not offended if not panties-wadded about a (gasp!) "Safe and Fun Sex" seminar apparently given by the GLBT Resource Center.

Sex therapist Cay Crow (or, as the conservatives' broadside puts it, " 'open-minded, liberal, free spirit' Cay Crow') led the event, and....well...prepare to get the vapors.

Crow taught students in graphic detail ways to enhance fellatio and cunnilingus (i.e. oral sex). She specifically discussed how to put a condom on someone with one's mouth, deep-throating, G-spot stimulation, tongue piercings, condoms, genital shaving, and changing the temperature of one's mouth.

Somehow we believe the rightwingers needed that "i.e, oral sex."

But it gets better.

"Texas A&M should not be using taxpayers', students', and donors' money to teach unchaste sexual behavior to young, unmarried men and women," said Justin Pulliam, chairman of the Texas Aggie Conservatives. "What does the university administration have to say about this funding inequality and bias?"

"Unchaste sexual behavior to young, unmarried men and women"? What does he mean -- necking in the back of a hot-rod? The scourge of such sin dens as drive-in movie theaters, where second base might be reached even before marriage?

Frankly, we thought that quote had to be a joke. So we e-mailed Pulliam to make sure. distributed a press release on our behalf, and the quote you sent is correct. Let me know if you have more questions about the story.

Gig 'em,

Justin Pulliam '12 Texas A&M University - Animal Science

Gig `em, indeed.

Anyway, the groups went on to urge support for the Lege's push to demand that Texas colleges that have GLBT Centers also have "family values" centers, so things will be rectified soon.

Although we don't quite know what the family-values equivalent of "enhanc[ing] fellatio and cunnilingus (i.e. oral sex)" is.

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