Aggies' Alexander Kemos: Well, No, I'm Not A Tufts Grad. Or A Navy SEAL, For That Matter

When it comes to resume padding, there are two options. You can go small, like George O'Leary when he applied for the head football coaching job at Notre Dame and falsely claimed to have a master's from "NYU-Stony Brook University" and to have lettered in football at the University of New Hampshire.

NYU-Stony Brook doesn't exist, and football at UNH barely does, so these are kind of smallish fibs.

The other way to resume-pad is to Go Big, and that's the method Alexander Kemos used to become a senior V-P at Texas A&M.

Advanced degrees from Tufts? Pretty impressive. A Navy SEAL, too? Damn impressive.

Alas, if only it were true.

Kemos has pleaded guilty to using a fictitious educational degree and will pay a $2,000 fine.

A&M, for its part, says it will review its hiring practices. We're guessing the "Just take everyone at their word" policy will be re-evaluated, as will its corollary "If you can't trust a Navy SEAL, who can you trust?"

The information on Kemos' background was first discovered by the Bryan-College Station Eagle. He resigned when confronted with the allegations.

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