Aggies Finally Get Around To Caring About Their Athletes' Safety As Much As UT Does

​A dozen people were injured when a freakishly strong spring storm slammed into the Dallas Cowboys practice facility in Irving earlier this year.

It turns out Texas A&M 's $35 million new athletic center was built by the same company and has the same basic steel-and-fabric design.

Now the Aggies are asking for an independent inspection of the McFerrin Athletic Center to make sure it doesn't, you know, collapse like the Cowboys' facility did.

The Associated Press looked into the new facility and found "that a three-person team from the company inspected the track portion of the building, which covers 115,000 square feet, on May 27 and 28 and found no problems. The football side wasn't inspected at the time, according to the records."

Still, an Aggie spokesman told AP the inspection was sufficient. But since then, interim president R. Bowen Loftin - who knows a thing or two about storm damage, coming from A&M's Galveston branch - has ordered the independent study.

Two other schools who have facilities built by Summit Structures, of Allentown, Pennsylvania, have already done independent inspections after the Cowboys incident, AP reported. They were the University of New Mexico and (gasp!) UT, which obviously cares more about its athletes than A&M does.

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