Aggies Shelter In Place With Gunman Report (UPDATED: All Clear)

Texas A&M is in a lockdown mode after reports of a man carrying an AK-47 on campus.

The school's "Code Maroon" warning page says no gunman has been found, but police are still searching.

Reporters listening to the local police scanner say the shooter is described as a white male with olive or green shirt and shorts, carrying a backpack and the weapon. A bus driver made the initial report, apparently seeing the man near Rudder Tower.

You can keep up with it at the link above, or at the Code Maroon Twitter page or, of course, the Twitter accounts of various media outlets.

Former First Lady Laura Bush is on campus to give a speech at the Bush Library; KBTX news in Bryan-College Station reports there have been no changes in the schedule.

And now "NBC" is allegedly reporting it was a Corps member carrying his usual rifle. Not confirmed, though. (Do Corps members walk around in shorts?)

From the Code Maroon page at 5:34 p.m. -- "All Clear. Person with replica weapon identified. No danger. Resume normal activity."

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