Ahh, Discovery Green....The Lush Lawn, The Sparkling Pool -- What The Hell's That Smell?

Discovery Green has become, by almost all accounts, a great addition to downtown Houston. Whether that addition also ends up feathering the nest of downtown developers with ties to Mayor White still remains to be seen.

But visitors might start to notice a certain fragrant aroma on some days, one which could lessen the pleasure of an excursion.

Discovery Green is going even more eco-trendy with an "organic fertilization program."

"Over the past month or so you may have noticed a slight farm-like odor on the grounds," DG has told supporters by e-mail. "In May, DG began a new organic fertilization program that is going to help improve soil biology so that this 100% man-made park can start building a healthier, richer ecosystem. We're bringing the earthworms back."

DG's Claudia Morlan tells Hair Balls they haven't gotten any smell complaints yet, but wanted to be "pro-active" in addressing the issue.

"DG will be fertilizing on the lawn spaces every other month with a light layer of organic compost fertilizer made by a company called EarthWorks," the announcement said. "The park staff will do their best to work around the programming schedule and fertilize on days that have little or no activities."

Morlan tells Hair Balls that Mondays, especially during the summer, tend to be light in planned activities at the park. So that's the most likely time for the shit to hit the fan, so to speak.

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Richard Connelly
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