Ajay Kumar Mangal: Teacher's Seduction Method for 16-Year-Old Student Included McDonald's, Candy & Condoms

Law enforcement authorities say charter-school teacher Ajay Kumar Mangal didn't just depend on the old sexting method when it came to seducing a 16-year-old student. He brought his game up a notch by the use of McDonald's and a trip to get candy and condoms.

Mangal, who was a teacher at YES Prep East End High School, has been charged with sexual assault of a child and improper relationship between teacher and student.

Court documents say he noticed the female student dancing at a going-away party for another teacher and the two began texting each other.

She told him she was 16 but, court documents say, he met her outside of school in September.

They went to a McDonald's and then back to his place, where some sexual contact occurred.

Mangal decided he needed a condom, apparently, and the two went out to buy one. He bought her candy because, we guess, that's what you think is appropriate when you're about to rape an underage girl (allegedly).

He drove her home, and the girl's mother became suspicious and checked her daughter's messages.

Investigators eventually looked at the cell phone and found 900 calls or texts between the two over the course of nine days.

Mangal resigned from YES in September when the incident was first investigated.

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