Akron Reacts To Losing Their AD To UH, With A Shrug Of Its Shoulders

As we noted below, UH has itself a new athletic director -- Mack Rhoades from the University of Akron, which we are reliably informed is in Ohio. Or somewhere around there.

Speaking personally, we only know of the Akron Zips because that is the purgatory Gerry Faust was banished to for running the Notre Dame football program into the ground.

But we have learned the Zips have a football team that plays in a new stadium. How are the fans taking Rhoades' departure?

Let's take a look at the message board at ZipsNation. ("ZipsNation"? Luxemburg, watch out!!!)

The very first post includes this: "Champagne corks-a-poppin' at ZipWatcher's house tonight!"

And then follows....not exactly a heartbreaking display of grief.

-- If it's true, best of luck to Mack, but don't let the doorknob sting your behind too much on the way out the door. The Zips will move on without you. Enjoy Houston.

-- Wow... I'm shocked that Houston would hand their job to such a young guy with such a short resume. No offense to Rhoades, who seems like a very bright and capable guy, but what-- exactly-- did he achieve at Akron?

-- It's about time. As they say in Mexico, Adios amigo

-- I have never been a big Mack fan and I'm okay with him leaving. I agree - what did he really accomplish here? That stadium was going up with or without him, and most of the funding was raised by the prior AD.

Now to be sure, whenever a lower-rung university (like, say, UH) loses a coach or AD to a bigger program, there's bound to be bitterness. So maybe the majority of Zip fans, such as they are, love the hell out of Rhoades but just chose not to post.

(By the way, please, please, Chronicle sports desk: No headlines about "Rhoades scholars" or "All Rhoades lead to..." or whatever bad Rhoades puns pop into your heads.)

One Zip fan was highly annoyed that Houston sources praised Rhoades' work at Akron:

I read the Houston Chronicle article about Mack being a finalist and then went on to read the comments. Almost all the fans posting put Akron down big time. They praised Mack for accomplishing all he did in "a place like Akron." That just pisses me off. None of those idiots have been here. They've never seen the campus and they are extremely arrogant. F U Cougars!

We're sure it's a very nice campus, dude. Wherever it is.

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