Alabama Illegal Immigration Law: Texas Tea Partiers Can Only Look On In Awe

Sure, Rick Perry can swagger about a meaningless "sanctuary bill" to keep the brown hordes out of Texas, but if you want real action on illegal immigration, the place to go is Alabama.

That state's governor, faced with the intractable, huge and heretofore not-really-heard-of problem of illegal immigrants in Alabama, has signed the toughest law in the nation on the matter.

People have qualms about Arizona allowing cops to ask for papers if they come up with the flimsiest "probable cause" they can think of? Texas banning "sanctuary cities" that exist mostly in right-wing radio land? Child's play.

Alabama's law requires local school districts to check the immigration status of their students. That's hard-core.

You want more? Check out Reuters' summary: "Under the Alabama law, police must detain someone they suspect of being in the country illegally if the person cannot produce proper documentation when stopped for any reason."

"For any reason"? Governor Robert Bentley, Alabamans currently threatened by the tidal wave of illegal immigrants in the state salute you.

Texas, whither goest thou in thy shiny papers-checking vehicle in the night?

There's still time in the special session. State Rep Debbie Riddle, you're on the clock.

We'd quote Neil Young...

Oh Alabama, can I see you And shake your hand? Make friends down in Alabama I'm from a new land I come to you and See all this ruin What are you doing Alabama? You got the rest of the union To help you along What's going wrong?

....but we'd just get hit back with:

Well I heard Mister Young sing about her Well, I heard ol' Neil put her down Well, I hope Neil Young will remember A Southern man don't need him around anyhow

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