Alberto Gonzalez: Former Houstonian, Former Attorney General, Needs Your Cash

Alberto Gonzalez, the pride of Houston's Vinson & Elkins, memorably served as Attorney General under George W. Bush.

Sure, there were a few bumps along the way, what with the torture and helping Karl Rove purge the roster of U.S. Attorneys in a way that an official report declared violated the principles of the Department of Justice.

But all that's behind us now. Now Gonzalez just wants your cash.

Politico reports today on a high-powered e-mail fund-raiser going around elite circles asking for donations to pay Gonzalez' still-lingering legal bills.

Former Cabinet colleagues like Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice say America should let bygones be bygones. We should forget the past, much like Gonzalez did whenever the Congress asked him about his political activities at DOJ.

For three years, a good man who helped guide the nation through uncharted legal waters at a time of great peril was unfairly under fire.

For three years, Alberto Gonzales had to deal with numerous investigations of his and others' actions. The harsh campaign conducted against him by some Congressional Democrats and by liberal interest groups was disgraceful and unfair.

They says Gonzalez has been "vindicated" and we assume their definition of "vindicated" is "not in prison." Which means W is "vindicated" too!!

Anyway, we guess Texas Tech isn't paying Gonzalez enough, so he needs the cash. We cannot think of a better charity to receive a donation this holiday season.

Just think how thrilled your kids, nieces, nephews and godchildren will be to open that envelope on Christmas Day and read "In lieu of a gift, I have made a donation in your name to pay Alberto Gonzalez' legal bills." It will bring tears to their eyes!!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.