Aldine ISD -- The Waiting Was The Hardest Part

Dewey Beats Truman, or something: Aldine ISD is no longer the perennial best loser in the prestigious Broad Prize for urban education.

The Susan Lucci of school districts has been a finalist for the award three of the past six years without ever winning. When there are only five finalists a year, that's gotta hurt.

This year the announcement was broadcast live on the web, so board members and administrators gather to watch who would get the $1million in scholarships.

"The decibel level really went up when we heard," district spokesman Mike Keeney tells Hair Balls.

Did they have any inkling this would be the year?

"No," he says, "but our interest was piqued when a couple of the local TV stations asked permission to come out and cover the announcement. We didn't want to jinx it by thinking they had heard something. It was probably just because this was the first year the announcement was telecast."

Saying "we're pretty ecstatic," Kenney praised just about everyone connected with Aldine education, including students and parents, for their part in winning the award.

Hey, after coming close so many times, a little exuberance is to be expected.

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