Aldine Teacher Who Became Pregnant by 13-Year-Old Student Pleads Guilty

The middle school teacher charged with continual sexual abuse of one of her students pleaded guilty Wednesday morning.

Alexandria Vera, who taught at Aldine ISD's Stovall Middle School, had allegedly been impregnated by her 13-year-old student, whom she had apparently been sleeping with long-term. (She allegedly got an abortion.)

Vera, 24, will now face up to 30 years in prison as part of a plea deal worked out with prosecutors; the charge allowed for a maximum sentence of life in prison otherwise, the Houston Chronicle first reported.

According to the Chronicle, Vera also is eligible for deferred adjudication under the plea deal, which is a form of probation that can sometimes last as long as ten years. If it's successfully completed, a person's criminal record is wiped clean.

Vera agreed to be sentenced by Judge Michael McSpadden, in a hearing that will likely take place in January.

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