Alejandro Galvan III: Beats Daughter, Gives Her Gun "If She Wants to Kill Herself"

Alejandro Galvan III has some odd ideas about parenting, if what police say is true.

Court documents say Galvan, 29, hit his daughter with a belt and punched her in the arm last month, causing bruises; to top it off, he he also gave the girl a gun and a knife and told her to use it if she wanted to commit suicide.

He has been charged with endangering a child under and injury to a child under 15.

The daughter told investigators Galvan hit her with a belt "on her legs, abdomen and buttocks." HPD says photos of the bruises show the beating was "beyond what is necessary for appropriate corporal punishment."

The story was first reported by KTRK.

Investigators say Galvan admitted to hitting the girl.

He "admitted that he caused the marks and bruises to [her] body and that he caused the bruise to her right arm when he punched her out of frustration," court documents say. He also said he gave her a knife and an unloaded gun.

The girl has been relocated to Children's Protective Services.

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