Alex Jones, Texas-Based Radio Host, Conspiracy Theorist Goes Ape Shit on CNN's Piers Morgan (with Video)

Every "9/11 was an inside job" conspiracy theorist's favorite radio host, Alex Jones, made an appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN Monday night after he launched a petition that has gained over 30,000 signatures to have Morgan deported back to England when the British news show host ripped into gun rights advocates on Twitter and elsewhere. Jones was invited to the show and proceeded to unleash a tirade rarely seen on a news program. You could call it a sparring match except the only one really sparring was Jones.

From Mao and Stalin to Hitler and Indian gang rape, Jones went every which direction, sometimes within a few seconds. Morgan barely got in a word, with Jones even mock (I think) challenging Morgan to a boxing match. It was mesmerizing, frankly.

It was a rare glimpse for the general public into the world of the radical conspiracy theorist from Austin whose show garners over a million listeners if you believe Jones and not his Wikipedia page, which he said in one of his more lucid moments Monday night was out of date.

Prior to the show, Jones was detained by the TSA at an Austin airport for refusing to take off his shoes. He claimed he was being harassed because of his criticism of the TSA. The TSA said Jones told them no one else in the crowd had to do it, but the people Jones pointed out were children and the elderly, who are not required by law to remove their shoes.

Jones went to video on his website after the show to describe the "armed mafia" that followed him and his producer. He said they were "followed, watched and approached by possibly undercover agents claiming to be fans" after the show was over.

Whatever you may think about Jones or Morgan, it made for damn entertaining TV. The NCAA BCS championship game Monday night was supposed to be one for the ages. Turns out it was the dud and the fireworks were over on CNN. Watch it and enjoy.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.