Free with every tattoo, a Tasering?

Alexander Hill, Tattoo Customer: Tasered While Sleeping?

Alexander Hill says he just wanted a tattoo. Instead he got Tasered while he was sleeping, and then Tasered again for good measure.

The claims are made in a lawsuit filed in Galveston County. Hill says he went into a Galveston tattoo parlor, and he and an employee agreed on a design.

"Plaintiff laid down on the table to receive the tattoo," the concise filing states. "Plaintiff fell asleep and Defendant Tasered him in the leg."

We'd say "That's gotta sting," but then again this guy says he fell asleep while getting a tattoo, so he seems somewhat indifferent to pain.

The suit says that after the Tasering woke him up (we're glad something could), the employee Tasered him again in the chest.

Hill notes he did not give permission to be Tasered. He says he has suffered physical problems and mental anguish since the February 20 incident.

The suit does not make clear whether the tattoo he requested was completed before the alleged Tasering, or whether he's walking around with a half-finished bit of body ink.

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