Alexis Waley, 13, Bayou Body Count No. 55

A 13-year-old girl is dead.

It doesn't appear as though she did anything wrong. Just an innocent victim. Her only crime was being in the wrong place at the wrong time, police say, when a driver lost all control, slamming into the teen and her mother's car, and then in an explosion of road-rage, wildly shot at them.

Waley and her mother were in their gray Nissan Altima driving along the 14000 block of Fleetwell near Pamela Heights when out of nowhere a four-door Cadillac pulled into traffic and hit the Waleys. The Caddy then took off.

But Waley's mom wasn't about to let this hit-and-run guy get away, so she chased the car down to get the plate numbers. Once she did, she passed the Cadillac. That's when shots rang out, police say.

Waley took a bullet to the head. Her mother was not hit.

The shooter was soon identified as 24-year-old Richard Calderon. He allegedly admitted his role in the shooting, police say, and is in custody facing murder charges.

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