Alfonzo Dewayne Anthony: Second Exemplar of East Texas Tattoo Artistry to Hit Jails This Week

The fine art of East Texas tattoo artistry is rockin' it this week. Earlier, we brought you the story of Jonathan Thompson, the Trinity man in the Trinity jail with the tat suggesting that Trinity County constable Woody Wallace should suck his dick.

And now, let's meet Lufkin's Alfonzo Anthony, a.k.a. "Snake," a.k.a. "King Alfonzo Dewayne." According to the Lufkin Daily News, Anthony, 28, was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication after he wandered into Lufkin's Polk's Pick-It-Up convenience store and lit a cigar while inside.

The best part, even better than his nicknames?

Anthony has "The Devil" inked in big red letters across his forehead right over his coldly furious eyes.

Judging by his extensive array of mugshots in Angelina County court records, Anthony got the ink some time after July 17, 2010 (when he was arrested for assault/family violence), and August 8, 2011 (when he was picked up for trespassing).

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