Alison Stein Learns Facebook Is No Place To Fix Traffic Tickets

If you were coming back from making funeral arrangements for your father, and got tageed with four pretty BS traffic tickets, you'd be pissed.

And if your father was a longtime Houston firefighter, you might turn to HFD to see if you could get a little help.

That's what one Houston woman did, and she got the help she needed. The tickets were torn up.

But because the whole exchange took place in public, on Facebook, a Houston firefighter is facing an investigation.

The driver, who got tickets for speeding on Shepherd, no insurance, cracked windshield abd the always bullshit obstructed license plate, posted on an unofficial HFD Facebook page, asking if anyone knew the cop and could give her some help.

Alison Stein of HFD responded: "Hi....I am a Chief Investigator for the Fire Department and I know (the officer) well.....I will give him a call to see what I can do to help you out. I am so sorry for your loss, your Dad was a great guy!"

She got in touch with the cop, and a few hours later she posted the tickets had been taken care of.

Why she thought to post all this in public is a little baffling, but the posts were brought to the attention of HFD brass.

An investigation is ongoing, a spokesman told Channel 2.

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