All in All It’s Just Another Brick

This just in: South Texas officials are calling for a wall to be built around Washington, D.C. After being told by federal officials that a fence along the border with Mexico is just what the area needs to protect itself against terrorists, drug smuggling and illegal immigration, they are urging Washington to take a dose of its own medicine.

Margaret Downing

“We would like to see a wall around Washington, D.C.,” said

Steve Ahlenius

, President/CEO of the McAllen, Texas Chamber of Commerce. “We feel the need to protect ourselves from bad legislation, bad ideas and a waste of tax money. The people in Washington don’t speak the language, they don’t know the customs and they are consuming all our resources.

“A wall around their homes and businesses will give the legislators and Washington bureaucrats a better understanding of what kind of message this action will send,” he said. “Let’s see if they decide to climb over it, tunnel under it, or walk around it.”

All along the Rio Grande Valley, local officials have been of one voice protesting the proposed wall, arguing that it will destroy the local economy which depends on trade with Mexico, and endanger all manner of species of animals and birds by removing their habitat to build the wall.

McAllen city officials are asking U.S. citizens to write to their legislators and complain about the wall.

“Our backs are against the wall on this,” said Ahlenius. “We all want secure borders, but without walls. We know there are more effective ways to protect our borders. If the President and members of Congress would only allow us the input, instead of announcing that they will not listen to us, we could tell them that more Border Patrol agents and more electronic surveillance would be a much wiser, more effective and certainly less objectionable use of the security funding.”

“It’s a serious issue for us here on the border, and one that should concern everyone in the country,” Ahlenius said. “Does the U.S. really want to look like Berlin did? Does the U.S. really want the world to see us that way? Because that’s exactly how everyone else will see us.

“We’re running out of time on this issue,” he said. “The writing is on the wall.”

“We know the wall won’t work,” he continued. “It’s not working now in areas where it already exists. No one here is sitting on the fence on this issue. Why don’t we spend money on an idea that will actually work?” -- Margaret Downing

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